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Action for Children
Conyngham Hall Business Centre
North Yorkshire
How Action for Children works:
From before they are born until they are into their twenties, we help disadvantaged children across the UK.
We help them through fostering or adoption – and by intervening early to stop neglect and abuse. We make life better for children with disabilities. We influence policy and advocate for change. Our 7,000 staff and volunteers operate over 600 services, improving the lives of 370,000 children, teenagers, parents and carers every year. We succeed by doing what’s right, doing what’s needed, and doing what works for children.

We always demonstrate what we do, and show how it works.

Our ambition
Any child who needs help gets help.

How we deliver
Do what’s right for children. Do what’s needed. Do what works.

Our values
We’re straightforward, honest and analytical.
We partner, we collaborate and we share.
We value evidence and expertise.
We find strengths, we build on positives.
We don’t judge, we don’t belittle, we get on with it.
We think hard, then do, what’s right for children.

From our origins running children's homes, our work has spanned three centuries, developing services for children that are proven to work. We work in partnership with other charities, local authorities and health services, and are supported by a team of experts and specialists. Evidence drives everything we do.

We provide services for children and young people whose families need support, who can’t live with their birth families, who are are disabled, and who are the most in need.

We act now, not later. From ante-natal support and breastfeeding advice to parenting programmes and early years education, we get involved from the first years of a child's life. We catch problems early, stop them from getting worse, or prevent them from happening in the first place.

We use a whole family approach. With the child's needs at the centre, we identify what other family members need too so that we can include and support all of them. This is essential to helping them build positive relationships in those crucial early years. We also work with our partners to make sure families get tailored, wrap-around packages of support.

Early intervention can break inter-generational cycles of deprivation and disadvantage. This really makes a long-term difference and means a better future for children and their families.

We give children and young people the practical and emotional support they need to help them thrive and build the skills they need for adulthood. We work with and support young carers across the UK. We support teenage mothers in vulnerable and difficult situations.

We support children and young people in care with fostering, adoption and residential care services, and help them build happy, healthy, independent futures for when they leave care.

We provide support for disabled children and their families. We provide programmes to help young people who have had a difficult start in life get into education, training and employment.

Safeguarding underpins all our work. By stopping child abuse, neglect, domestic violence and bullying, children can stay safe at home, in school and in their community.

We’re the go-to charity for service delivery and the fourth largest supplier of social care services in the UK. You can commission services from us including children’s and family centres, intensive family support, short breaks, employability, fostering and evidence-based programmes.

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