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The countdown is well and truly on for The UK Baby Event at York Racecourse on Sunday 7th October, and over the coming weeks, we are planning to give you an insight into some of our exhibitors who will be taking part in this one-day show so you can learn more about what they do and offer.

Introducing Ready Steady School – giving YOU the skills to prepare your child for starting school and support their educational needs in the first year

Every parent/carer wants the best for their child at whatever age and stage they are at. Starting school is a recognised milestone for children and guardians are often unsure of what is the best way to prepare their child. We all share the goal of wanting our children to settle, progress and thrive but often don’t know the best way to achieve this. Preparation for starting school is key to a successful transition and it is never too early to begin.

Having each spent over 25 years in the classroom as two highly experienced Early Years Teachers we were increasingly surprised at the number of 4 and 5 years olds starting school without the basic skills needed to thrive in a busy classroom setting. With this in mind we founded Ready Steady School with a mission to provide the tools and information for parents to help their child develop the necessary skills to feel smart and confident from day one at BIG school.

Parents are the first and most important educators in their child’s life. Evidence clearly shows that learning in the home helps:

• Improve educational outcomes for children
• Encourages more parents back into learning themselves
• Promotes family awareness of learning through play activities
• Provides a strong foundation to help parents and practitioners to support a child’s journey into and through school
• Enhances learning undertaken outside of the home setting
• Improves relationships between parents and children

Ready Steady School gives family members the skills to support and boost learning in the home through 2 strands of Educational Resources. Firstly in developing the skills needed as preparation for starting school and secondly through structured phonics resources which teach the skills and processes involved in learning to read and write with ready-made games and activities.

Ready Steady School has recently received recognition and a business boost from Retail Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis.

In addition we actively engage with our audience through:

• Regular posts on Facebook including Live videos
• ‘Starting BIG school in September’ Facebook group including video demonstrations of our educational resources
• Series of blogs with lots of top tips and advice
• Fortnightly family column articles for The Yorkshire Times
• One to one consultation packages
• Range of resources including ‘Starting School Box’ to develop early personal, social and learning skills and ‘Letters and Sounds Box’ to support learning in how to read and write.

Join Jo and Lisa for this amazing journey!

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