Caring and Carrying with KahuBaby

Meet our Exhibitors

As the countdown to The UK Baby Event at York Racecourse on Sunday 7th October draws ever nearer, we continue our series of blogs shining the spotlight on some of our exhibitors.
The latest business to feature is KahuBaby, who have made it their mission to bring parents even closer to their children.

Introducing KahuBaby Carrier

Human babies are born completely helpless, and remain helpless longer than infants of any other species. Crying is the only way that a young baby can communicate – to let you know that he/she is hungry, tired, overwhelmed, cold, scared, needs changing or needs a cuddle. When you consider what it’s like for your baby in the womb (warm, dark, relatively noisy, constant food supply, intimate), coming out into the big wide world is a big shock for a baby!

Many parents find that their baby cries when not held in their arms. This is normal, and natural, and is a communication mechanism that’s developed over thousands of years. It can be physically and emotionally exhausting for you as a parent though, trying to juggle life while meeting your baby’s needs. If you have a toddler or older child too, it might seem impossible to soothe your baby while caring for the rest of your family as well.

KahuBaby is simple togetherness. Designed by a carrying consultant, after working with hundreds of families, KahuBaby enables you to give your baby the closeness that she needs, while leaving you with your hands-free!

There is evidence suggesting that carried babies cry less, and for shorter periods of time. If your baby has reflux or colic, then KahuBaby helps to reduce those symptoms by keeping your child upright. The gentle movement while you walk or go about your day also helps your baby’s digestion and gently massages his/her tummy.

KahuBaby’s unique features make it suitable for carrying babies from birth to toddler years. It’s safety tested to the latest European and British standards, and can carry a child up to 16kg (33lb).

We’ve designed the KahuBaby Carrier so that it’s simple to use, comfortable to wear, and comfortable for your child. It packs away to easily fit into your change bag, under a pram, or into your car. KahuBaby’s sleek design means no extra attachments that add bulk or get caught on things as you walk past. It’s just as comfortable inside your home or out and about!

With KahuBaby you have:

4 carrying positions
• Hands free
• Simply adjustable
• Unique cinching adjustor

Now you and your child can experience simple togetherness, wherever you choose to go. KahuBaby gives you options, whether you’re going onto the moors, into town, the beach, or to the countryside. KahuBaby will keep your baby close and safe, while helping you to enjoy your time, both in and out of the house.

KahuBaby is available in a range of stylish prints and colours, with free UK shipping, from